awakened life Yoga festival could not happen without our volunteers. if you are interested in being a 2017 volunteer please download the form below.

volunteers will receive an All Access Weekend Pass for two 3 hour volunteer shifts or an all access one day pass for one 3 our volunteer shift. (tent Space $25)
volunteers choose 1 three hour shifts-
volunteers must apply by march 1, 2017 .

choose from these options and download the form 

festival set up - thursday 5pm-8pm

                               friday 7am-10am

festival breakdown 

sunday 9am - 12pm and 12pm-3pm 

check in  & registration

friday       9am-12pm      12pm-3pm     3pm-6pm    6pm-9pm

saturday  9am - 12pm    12pm -3pm     3pm-6pm     6pm-9pm

sunday     9am -  12pm   12pm-3pm      3pm-6pm     6pm-9pm

tidy up crew

Friday      12pm-3pm  6pm-9pm

Saturday 12pm-3pm  6pm-9pm

marketing and advertising

3 hour slots available in february, march and April - times tbt.


email for info 

Our volunteer community consist of talented, loving, dedicated, friends, yoga instructors, healers, counselors, life coaches, energy workers, artisans and musicians, who hold dear a love of yoga and all that word encompasses. they share a desire to help others achieve their own awakening by way of all they have learned in their own self study process. 

april 21st-23rd  gulf state park, Gulf shores, al

​​ Awakened Life Yoga Festival